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Featured In-Stock Trailer: Desert Sand Gladiator

Unveiling the Ultimate Off-Road Companion

Adventure enthusiasts and wanderlust souls, get ready to embark on journeys less traveled with the WeeRoll Gladiator, the latest addition to our travel trailer inventory. With its robust build and versatile features, the Gladiator is more than just a travel trailer—it’s a ticket to uncharted terrains and unforgettable memories. Today, we dive deep into what makes the WeeRoll Gladiator the perfect partner for your off-road escapades.

The WeeRoll Gladiator travel trailer boasts a compact yet efficient design with an interior length of 9 feet, a height of 4.9 feet, and a width of 5 feet, perfectly balancing spaciousness and maneuverability.

The WeeRoll Gladiator stands out with its practical yet stylish design. Here’s a breakdown of what this remarkable travel trailer offers:

– All-aluminum construction that will not rust or corrode.

Two interior electrical outlets alongside 12V receptacles.

-Two expansive 30″ x 20″ slider windows for natural light and airflow.

– 31″ off-road tires and sturdy walk-on fenders designed for adventures beyond the beaten path.

– All-aluminum 50/50 rear double doors with an integrated A/C hatch.

 -A reliable 15 AMP electrical service to power your journey.

Enhanced with select add-ons, this Gladiator includes:

-A full roof rack covering the entire top/flat portion of the roof, enhancing storage capabilities for gear.

-A spare tire and tire mount conveniently located on the curbside for an extra layer of preparedness.

-An interior nose shelf strategically designed for added storage while maximizing the living space.

Check Out More information about this in-stock modeL and our others here, and get ready for adventures in your new WeeRoll today!

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