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WeeRoller Customer Spotlight: Hamm Family

WeeRoller Customer Spotlight: Crafting Memories with the Hamm’s WeeRoll Nomad 12

Welcome to the inaugural post of our WeeRoller Customer Spotlight series, where we celebrate the adventurers who make our WeeRoll community extraordinary. In this first feature, we’re thrilled to showcase the Hamm Family’s WeeRoll Nomad 12′ as we see how they have transformed it into a charming and functional mobile retreat.

When the Hamms chose the WeeRoll Nomad 12′, they sought a camper that could blend seamlessly into their love for the outdoors while offering the comforts of home. They found their match in our lightweight, all-aluminum trailers, renowned for their build quality and versatility. The personal flair they’ve infused into their Nomad is evident in every detail, from their elegant and efficient kitchenette to their festive, twinkling Christmas tree, proving that compact living doesn’t mean sacrificing style or function.

Their Nomad 12′ is a perfect example of WeeRoll’s dedication to customization. The Hamms have thoughtfully added features like ingenious storage solutions that keep essentials at hand but out of the way, and cozy interior touches that create a warm, welcoming space to return to after a day of exploring nature.

The Hamm family’s Nomad 12′ is not just a camper; it’s a canvas where memories are painted with every new destination. It’s a home away from home, reflecting their adventurous spirit and passion for the camping life. This WeeRoll Nomad stands as a beacon of what’s possible when open roads call and the wilderness beckons.

Stay tuned as we continue to highlight the unique journeys of our WeeRoll family. Whether you’re an experienced camper or just beginning to discover the joys of a nomadic lifestyle, your WeeRoll is a vessel for adventure, an invitation to build your own haven in the heart of nature. What story will you tell with your WeeRoll?

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Is the batwing an accessory you sell and install?

Hi Rich, we do not sell this; however, we have heard from several customers that they have purchased the OVS Nomadic 270 and that it works great with their WeeRoll trailers. Hope this helps!

I can second the OVS 270 awning and I have it on my Gladiator!

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