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How Wee are Built: All About Electrical

How Wee are Built: All About electrical

Welcome to the third installment of our “How Wee are Built” series, where we dive deeper into the exceptional craftsmanship behind WeeRoll travel trailers. Today, we shift our focus to the all-important aspect of electrical wiring, which is as crucial as the all-aluminum frame and structure we explored previously. Understanding the electrical setup in your WeeRoll trailer is key to enjoying a safe, convenient, and comfortable journey.

1. Road/Trailer Brake Wiring

Firstly, let’s dive into the road/trailer brake wiring. This system is vital for your safety on the road. When you plug your WeeRoll trailer into your car, this wiring system activates several essential functions:

  • Brake Lights: Ensuring that drivers behind you are aware when you’re slowing down or stopping.
  • Running Lights: These are necessary for visibility, especially during night travel or in poor weather conditions.
  • Electric Brakes (if applicable): For trailers equipped with this feature, it provides additional braking power, particularly beneficial when hauling heavier loads.

This wiring system is the primary link between your trailer and your vehicle, playing a crucial role in communication and safety during transit.

2. 12V power System

Next, we have the 12V cable system, which is your go-to source for powering several internal features of the trailer. By connecting this system to a battery, you can enjoy a range of amenities:

  • MaxxAir Fan: Essential for ventilation and maintaining comfortable temperatures inside the trailer.
  • Interior 12V Receptacles: Handy for charging devices or powering small appliances that run on 12V.
  • Interior Light: Providing illumination inside your trailer, these lights make your space livable and cozy, especially after sundown.

Designed for autonomy and convenience, the 12V Power System is your off-grid electrical solution, bringing comfort and functionality wherever you go.

3. 15 Amp Service

The 15 amp service is your link to ‘shore power,’ which refers to external electrical sources you can plug into at campgrounds or similar locations. This system powers:

  • Air Conditioning Unit: A luxury in the warm months, keeping the interior of your trailer cool and comfortable.
  • 110 Outlets: Just like the outlets in your home, they’re perfect for plugging in household appliances.
  • Exterior Light: Enhancing safety and convenience when you’re outside the trailer in the dark.
4. 30 Amp Service

What’s more, for those needing more power, there’s an option to upgrade to a 30 AMP service. This upgrade is perfect for those who plan to use more power-intensive appliances or want that extra bit of assurance when it comes to their power needs.

All About Electrical: conclusion

In this third part of our “How Wee are Built” series, we’ve uncovered the intricate and vital electrical systems of the WeeRoll trailer. From the essential road/trailer brake wiring to the versatile 12V Power System, and the 15 amp service for connecting to external power sources, each element is designed to make your travel experience both comfortable and safe. Understanding these systems is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable journey in your WeeRoll trailer.

Keep an eye out for more insights into the world of WeeRoll travel trailers, where innovative design meets adventure and functionality. Safe and happy travels!

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