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Do You Want to Finance Your WeeRoll Purchase? Wee’ve Got You Covered!

Buying a WeeRoll trailer can be easy with our simplified financing solutions  

Exciting news! We now offer financing for your WeeRoll trailer! Here at WeeRoll, we strive to make the financing process as simple as possible. This guide will walk you through the steps so you can quickly be on your way to enjoying your new WeeRoll trailer. If you want to explore our wide selection of WeeRoll trailers for sale, click the links above to check out our Nomad and Gladiator lines!

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Option 1: Rock Solid Funding

Option 2: Trailer Solutions Financial

Determine What You Will Use Your WeeRoll Trailer For, Then Establish Your Budget 

Your first step is to determine what purpose your WeeRoll trailer will serve. Do you like to go camping and explore the great outdoors? How many people will the trailer need to accommodate? Will you go off-roading with your WeeRoll? Are campgrounds more your style? Perhaps you are about to start your own landscaping business and need a trailer to transport your equipment. Maybe you are a mobile veterinarian or dog washer and need a new set of wheels to visit your customers. Whatever it is you plan to do with your WeeRoll trailer, the next step is to assess your budget. How much can you afford? What after-market finishes do you plan to do and how much will they cost? Financing and Loan terms will vary based on your credit score and how much you plan to finance.  There are two financing companies that we have relationships with: Rock Solid Funding and Trailer Financial Solutions. These companies typically require approximately 10% down and will allow you to payoff the loan in four to ten years. And there is No Pre-Payment Penalty!


You can request a quote online for a Nomad Trailer or Gladiator Off-Road Trailer. Within twenty-four hours, one of our knowledgeable and friendly WeeRoll staff will call you to review your options. Then you will receive a written estimate. When you are ready to proceed, simply let us know when you want to pick up your WeeRoll trailer and we will help you determine when production should begin. As of today, we can build your WeeRoll trailer as quickly as 2-4 weeks.

Please note that custom colors and other non-standard customizations can add several weeks to your trailer build.  

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